Gonzalez Family - Conroe, Tx

The Gonzalez family found us via social media before closing on her home to receive a design and quote by us. No additional bids were needed as the family liked the steps, we take to make sure that they receive nothing but the best from us even if it is just a quote and design. We always like to make sure that our clients know their options when it comes to a huge project like this as it is a lifelong addition to the residence. Once receiving the approval from the Gonzalez family, we worked on receiving the permits needed to continue with the next steps. The project consisted of a pool only, Geometric, beach entry to have easy access due to family members with disability to make it easier going in and out of the pool, benches through the inside of pool, raised wall, 3 scuppers, 2 pool lights, wireless system, Plaster stone scapes, landscape package, and spray deck around the outside area.


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